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《Origin of Casa》

Interior Design in One Tanjong Penang

The Essence of Modern Life

Being contemporary and elegant at the same time in interior design is the modern holy grail for us: natural shades, clear feelings and a smart image. The devil is hidden in the details, speaking in a foreign language that embodies the essence of modern life.

Elements and details
by design

We believe impactful architecture and interiors evolve from unique designs. Custom elements are intrinsic to our approach to creating beautiful living spaces, from millwork to furniture, finishes and details.

Welcome to the best place
to spend your free time

The dreamy interior of our residence. The perfect contrast of dark green and white shades to make your free time comfortable.

The SW designed and built the entire interior of new home and the entire process from design conceptualisation to build was done seamlessly. This was made possible by who were increadibly resourceful in both proposing workable new age designs, as well as coming up with solution to solve numerous structural issues that we had in our condominium unit.

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